Start supporting your friends

Why is it that so many people are keen to spend £60 on the latest game but shy away from spending any money on supporting their friends? If you care about someone, does it matter if their event / film / book / game isn’t relevant to you?

I understand that money is often a limiting factor here so even if you can’t buy a friend’s thing, don’t expect it for free. Instead, offer congratulations and words of support because it often means just as much to them as you buying the thing.

You might think that your friends aren’t doing anything cool but if you just look a little more closely, you’ll be surprised what everyone is doing. Someone might be selling their crafts at a local fair and could do with a little support on the day; someone else might be working on a book and needs a word of encouragement; another friend might be creating YouTube videos and would appreciate a share.

Share their stuff, comment on their posts and be there for them when they want a celebratory drink. The internet makes it all too easy to get wrapped up in the lives of influencers and I understand why because it’s an escape. Influencers lead shiny, aspirational lines and we consume their content in a way that makes us feel like we know them.

But while you’re celebrating an influencer’s book launch and buying copies for all your mates, remember, you have IRL friends and family who need this kind of support too.

At the very least, offer a hearty ‘well done’ when you see someone succeed. I make a point of asking my friends and group members to share their wins on a regular basis and in every coaching session, I lead with the client’s wins. I want to foster that kind of positivity no matter where I am or who I’m with.

But when I do something cool, I don’t always expect support from my friends because I feel they don’t understand how big a deal it is. That being said, the support I received when I launched my book was overwhelming because people can hold a book in their hands and really feel how much work went into it. People can’t always see that with the game you worked on or the YouTube videos you produce regularly.

The same goes for what your friends are doing. Just because you don’t understand the process doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be immensely proud of a friend’s achievements. And if you care about someone, all you have to do is ask. Speak to them about their wins and their creations and you’ll soon begin to realise just how much support they deserve.

Famous influencers are never going to be without support and plenty of them deserve your attention but not at the exclusion of your friends. If you’re going to support influencers because you admire them, you should be supporting your friends too.

I know the internet can seem like a safe escape because I’ve been there. Sometimes, though, you need to take a step back and live your life with the people who support you on a daily basis.

TL;DR – Support your friends, buy their stuff, share their posts and buy them celebratory drinks.

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